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Unveiling the Artistic magic: A peek into my creative process

Welcome to a visual journey through my creative process! As a visual thinker, I transform vivid mental images into artwork. Here, you’ll soon find a collection of photos and videos showcasing a little bit the practical side of making of my pieces, works in progress (WIP), and before-and-after transformations. This blog is also in process, so come back now and then.

I will be honest, I never liked sharing my process. It was a big issue in art school. The teachers didn't understand what I was doing there since I wasn't open to fully sharing it. Now I know why I had such problems with it. I felt naked. Creating was my safe space, and I didn't trust anyone to show and share my inner world with. I was not a person who knew how to hide behind concepts. It was all or nothing, closed off or totally open. Raw and vulnerable. But I had too many masks, walls, and self-protection going on, which was necessary since I was a survivor.

Yeah, I get it now, but back in the day, I did anything (subconsciously) to hide it. I still have that tendency, but at least I'm now aware of it, and I don't need the approval anymore of others since I finally trust and love myself. (As you can see, all are related. Art equals life, in my case).

But these days you can share your practical process! And that's so much easier!

It's not necessary to go deep anymore (lol)

Sharing that in an attractive way is also an art in itself. I'm still learning... aren't we all?

For many, understanding the journey from concept to completion adds a deeper connection to the artwork. It is not just about the "final" outcome (every artist knows there is no final outcome. Those are merely choices) but more about opening up to and appreciating the thought, effort, and creativity involved in every step.

It opens up the layers an artwork possibly has.

It's not specifically about understanding it, peeling all the layers and examining them (unless that makes you happy), nor "explaining." I "believe" more in feeling it or not feeling it. But that is not for everyone.

For those ones, you can have words or certain visuals to connect deeper.

Stories are intriguing and essential if you communicate awareness or need to be understood.

Occasionally, constructing your own narrative can be more fun. Especially when you have an associative mind, the connections it can make can be interesting. With all due respect, I find it most of the time more interesting to see the reactions evolving around concepts than the original concept.

It all depends on what's the purpose, I guess.

Eventually, it's a visual language, just as complex (and simple) simultaneously, like nature.

Always transforming. Which is even just as important to me as art.

It reveals the connections of all & unites the souls of everyone and everything.

Ok! Back to the practical parts! (Sort of)

The Creative Process

Initial Inspiration.

Starting an artwork begins with a spark of inspiration. For most people, it involves sketching, concept art, or writing. In my case, when I create collages, I start by collecting images. I choose images from public domain libraries online, vintage books, and magazines. I either scan them in or print and cut/tear them out. While I sometimes start with analog methods, I occasionally finish the work digitally. When I work in 3D, I start by writing first. Rather than having specific concepts or plans, it is more about gaining insight into the moment and seeing what will reveal or become clear to me during writing.

If I am drawing, painting, or using other materials/methods, I start without sketching beforehand, drawing I do from my imagination. From there, I begin.

Regardless of the method or material, the artwork metamorphoses throughout the creative process. (Many times)

My spark can come from a thought, a feeling, or an image I've seen. It could be the moment something came together or something that was only a brief moment there as the wind blowing away a piece of hair floating in a line of light or whatever (a bit cliche, you get what I mean)

I am intrigued by contrasts, synchronicities, and parallels.

I find inspiration in sensory experiences, such as the smell of words or the sound of a color.

And I use fragments of my dreams. I see magic in it all.

During Art Academy, I arrogated the self-acclaimed term "Onstaniteit" "Het spontaan ontstaan." Which is different than ready-made art but shares resemblances with the Dadaist concept of "Found Art."

Bringing Vision to life

with raw materials and initial designs the art evolves into often complex, layered compositions. This phase is the "puzzle-solving" phase, as I like to name it. This process is still a mystery to me, but it involves a lot of trying out and experimenting with composition, shapes, and colors. I can get lost in this phase because there are endless options. So, solving the puzzle by making choices is paramount to reaching another level.

The Magic of Details.

This phase is also dangerous. Because you have to stop in time before you regret it, it is easy to mess things up. In most cases, less is more.

I value focusing on details. Some are more obvious, and some are not. The detail-adding process is very meditative because it demands dedication and precision, so you need to hyperfocus. Something I can be very good at. (It's either hyperfocus or no focus for me).

Reveal Time.

This phase always brings up many emotions. I may share more about that later on.

2 random old pics for now. Come back later for more visuals

Join the Journey

Curious to see more instead of reading? I will try making more videos and images from now on, to get a more intimate look at my artistic process. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a fellow creative, I invite you to explore, engage, and be inspired.

Feel free to reach out with your thoughts, questions, or to discuss a custom piece. Let's bring your vision to life together!

By presenting my artistic process, I hope to offer a glimpse into the magic that happens behind the scenes, inviting you to experience the full narrative of creation.

Enjoy your unique process!


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