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100 Days Painting Challenge

Hello beautiful you!

I am doing a 100-day painting challenge, and it is day 5.

I chose painting because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone & I am not painting as much as I would like to. Plus, if I start to paint, I never finish it. Also, I am frustrated that I did not paint enough, so I am not skilled at it.

This challenge is to transform that limiting and negative mindset.

It’s not about being perfectly skilled while making art. That is the biggest misconception about creating art. I never had problems with being experimental since art school.

Anekdote; I once got so angry during the act of painting. It was almost like the anger purged through my brush. I spit on it, burned it a bit, abused that canvas, and yelled at it like a madman. (I think I even cried)

The result was quite good. (this was around 25 years ago).

Somehow it is somewhat stuck these days.

I aim with this challenge to let go of my perfectionism nonsense.

And create from my true self, as I usually do.

I’m not striving to make one piece a day as I did before with the 111 days of collages.

This challenge will be about experimenting, connecting with the flow, and letting it pour out onto the canvas.

I will share snippets on social each day. (Insta & TikTok & FB)

Curious about what will come out!!


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