Jalinka is a Multidisciplinary Artist living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a background in interior design (Cibap, NL 1996), 3D design, and sculpture (HKU, NL 1998). In 2004, she completed her BA in Fine Art - Intermedia at the University of the Arts Utrecht (NL) As part of an artist residence program, she spent a month in Portugal (2015). During her travels in Brazil (8 months 2017-18) and New Zealand (3 months 2016), she focused primarily on herself to begin fresh on diverse initiatives and refocus on her Art when back. She is an Art Ambassador for the Amazon Aid Foundation's "Artists for the Amazon" campaign, which works to safeguard the Amazon rainforest.

I'm passionate about collecting odd, unique, and extraordinary items from art, design, music, cinema, interior, and architectural design.
My true love is anything related to nature, which is the core of the ever-unfolding cycle of creation, destruction, and re-creation. Details, variations, synchronicities, parallels, and metamorphosis intrigue me the most.

By revealing the wonder, variety, connections, and absurdity of life in selected fragments, I aim to achieve balance and order while creating art.

It's a 24/7 matter of imprints, images, and ideas flowing through my brain, specifically when I dream.

The narratives of mysticism and nature naturally flow through the commonly surreal, accidentally metaphorical, and occasionally abstract works. 

In recent years, I have worked more digitally, which has led to new ways of seeing. Physical materials and techniques remain essential, but mixing organic and virtual approaches interests me.

As technology and artificial intelligence continue to evolve, I'm eager to see what new forms these will take!

My mission is that my artwork will serve as a gateway for you to experience transformation, opening your mind & heart and helping you see how magical the world can be—full of wonder and possibilities!



Jalinka Gressmann
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