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Jalinka Gressmann is a contemporary visual artist specializing in analog and digital collage, among other mixed media forms like painting and photography. 


She has a commercial creative studies background; in interior design (Cibap, NL 1996), 3D design, and sculpture (HKU, NL 1998).

In 2004, she graduated with her BA in Fine Arts - Intermedia at the University of the Arts Utrecht (NL) 


As part of an artist residence program, she spent a month in Portugal (2015). During her travels in Brazil (8 months 2017-18) and New Zealand (3 months 2016), she focused primarily on herself to begin fresh on diverse initiatives and refocus on her Art when back.

Jalinka's work explores the ever-unfolding cycle of creation, destruction, and re-creation. Her art looks at how details, variations, synchronicities, and parallels form new identities or aesthetics through transmutation.

The manifestation of her visions constantly develops and grows as she explores new forms.

Her work has been exhibited at international shows and can be found in private collections worldwide.



The place where I felt free as a kid was when I was creating. 
It is my way to initiate a self-supportive environment, away from other people's judgments and expectations. 

No people, no rules, no time.

I felt protected and connected to something greater than myself. Still do. 

I was always passionate about collecting odd, unique, and extraordinary items. Sometimes I let my senses guide me as I walk through a flea market or in nature, observing for hours. 
It can be simultaneously hectic or calming. Both make my endless brain flow relaxed.
​I love books, music, cinema, fashion, jewelry, and interior design. 
Furthermore, occultism and mysticism play a part in my creations as well.

I find the details, variations, synchronicities, metamorphosis, and parallels fascinating.

My work is a form of subconscious storytelling that pours into mostly surreal, figurative, or abstract works. Many visions come to me via dreams—this visual language goes beyond concepts and words, so I communicate the translation through visuals alone.

I use art as a tool to express my curiosity about the world, identify patterns and connections among all things, and make sense of our collective absurdity.



Jalinka Gressmann
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