I am passionate about collecting weird, unique, and special treasures from every genre: books; music; videos; visual material, vintage & design, objects, and lots of beauty from nature.​

I'm selective in what is attractive to me; I need to taste the colors or smell the sounds to have my attention. Those can be fragments or complete works. I am intrigued by contrasts, synchronicities, and similarities, so I collect experiences & moments to remind myself of life's beauty, diversity, and absurdity.

​My mediums include mixed-media paintings, collages, photographs, and digital art, that explores themes like mysticism, nature, freedom, and sacredness through powerful narratives that are often surreal or dadaist— sometimes figurative and other times abstract.

I use images that emerge from my dreams & collections, and my associative brain connects everything until it feels balanced.

During my time at Art Academy, I made up a term to describe how I work: "Ontstaniteit" (het spontaan ontstaan). (it's a pun in Dutch, and means spontaneous emergence).

Jalinka is a Visual Artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a background in styling & design (Cibap, Zwolle 1996), 3D design, and Sculpture (HKU, Utrecht 1998). She graduated BFA in Fine Art – Intermedia in 2004 at the University of the Arts Utrecht (NL)

A selection of the prints you can buy at these galleries that represent me:

the Carlos Reid Gallery (USA)

Dutch Luxury Design Art Agency (NL)

Art Resume

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Artist Statement

​It's my mission to take you on a magical journey to the core of creation, where we all come from—a place of freedom that is profoundly healing.

Creation involves playing with endless ways of being and solving problems—like puzzles—by exploring fragments or materials that fit together.

Shapes, smells, colors, and sounds are entangled within me and can be combined in countless ways to create order or disorder.

Nature is my greatest love, the best example, and the sacred motivator—it's perfect. It's infinite peace & love as well as darkness & death; it’s an ever-unfolding cycle of creation, destruction, and re-creation.​

Jalinka Gressmann

Magical Art & more