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Jalinka Gressmann is a visual artist currently focusing on analog and digital collage, painting, and mixed media. She has a background in commercial creative studies in interior design, 3D design, and sculpture. She received a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts - Intermedia from the University of the Arts Utrecht in 2004.

In 2015, she participated in an artist residency program in Portugal and stayed there for a month. She spent three months in New Zealand and later moved to Brazil for eight months, all in pursuit of a fresh start and a renewed focus on her life/art. She has been fully dedicated to her artistic endeavors since 2020.

Her art has been shown internationally and is in private collections worldwide.



I am an explorer of imagination, where inspiration flows endlessly from within and the world around me. With a passion for hunting the unique and the odd, I love to wander through flea markets, antique shops, and second-hand bookstores. However, the realest findings I discovered were in the sanctuary of nature.

All my senses lead me as I try to decipher life like a puzzle. The details, differences, synchronicities, metamorphosis, and parallelism intrigue me the most and add depth to my endless thoughts.

​My visions often manifest in dreams, allowing me to communicate through surreal, symbolic, or abstract creations. 

Using art as a transformative and healing tool, I express and identify patterns and connections, shaping my life's purpose amidst this absurdist life with all the hidden layers.

Through my creative expressions, I find solace, belonging, and a profound connection to the world within and around me.
In this creative sanctuary of creating and constantly transforming, where imagination knows no boundaries, art becomes the voice of my soul, whispering stories of life, dreams, and the ties that unite us all.



2002 - 2004

BFA | University of Fine Arts | Intermedia HKU | Utrecht NL

1998 - 2002

BFA | University of Fine Arts | 3D Design & Sculpture HKU | Utrecht NL

1996 - 1998

Cibap | Vocational College for Design, Advertising, Styling Interior & Set Design | Zwolle NL



TO BE ANNOUNCED (NL & USA in the planning)


Group Show | Winter Salon | Arti et Amicitiae | Amsterdam NL


Solo Show | Collages | Pleintheater | Amsterdam NL


Group Show | Collage Festival NL/BE | Stichting Kunstwerkt | Schiedam NL 


Group Show | Coupee Cahier 01: Type | Coupee Collage Collective | Industrie Museum Ghent Belgium BE



Group Show | Winter Salon | Arti et Amicitiae | Amsterdam NL


Group Show | Recht op Kunst | KunstRUIM Rechtbank | Zuidas Amsterdam NL


Group Show | Qickoff | Gallery Associates Des Arts | Buren NL


Group Show | Winter Salon | Arti et Amicitiae | Amsterdam NL


Group Show | Ruim Baan Voor de makers| KunstRUIM | Zoku Amsterdam NL


Group Show | World Atlas Collage | Stichting Kunstwerkt | Schiedam NL


Group Show | World Atlas Collage | Coupee Collage Collective | Museum Stichting Verbeke | Belgium BE


Group Show | Nasty women #teamfemke | de Balie | Amsterdam NL


Group Show | Diamant aan de Amstel | KunstRUIM | Hotel Pestana | Amsterdam NL


Solo Show | Cultural place Roest | Amsterdam NL



Duo Expo | Gallery Saguão | Viseu, Portugal


Group Show | Gallery Carmo ’81 | Viseu, Portugal 


Group Show | Fremdkörper | Gallery BG het depot | Amsterdam NL



Group Show | Myths & Legends | Gallery Chiellerie | Amsterdam NL

Jalinka Gressmann
Magical Art & more
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