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Jalinka Gressmann is a Visual Artist based on planet Earth, with a background in styling & design 

Cibap, Zwolle (NL) 1996, 3D-design and Sculpture (HKU, Utrecht 1998). 

She graduated BFA in Fine Art – Intermedia in 2004 at the University of the Arts Utrecht (NL)


Gressmann’s art is a spontaneous manifestation of her visions, perpetually developing in experimental and playful ways. 

The results can be seen in surreal collages, mixed-media paintings & photography, drawings, assemblages & in her diverse, interactive, creative workshops for all ages.


She is an Art ambassador for the artists for the Amazon program,

of the Amazon Aid Foundation (USA) 

who stands to educate and activate to protect the Amazon rainforest.


She exhibits regularly in Galleries & Cultural Places globally, off and online. 

And is exploring the world of NFTs.

Was Artist in Residency & created her projects & pilgrimages in Brazil (2017-2018) 

New Zealand (2016) and Portugal (2015)

Currently represented by

the Carlos Reid Gallery Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

DUTCH LUXURY DESIGN Art Agency,  Amsterdam (NL)

KunstRUIM, Amsterdam (NL)

Art Resume


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Artist Statement

Short Version

It's my mission to show realms that you maybe never have seen before.

My job is to open up the senses and souls of the viewer and take them on a magical journey.

So they can travel into art themselves. 
Although it's your own decision where you go and what you do with the power of creation within yourself, I can recommend it, it's like going home to that place where we all come from where there is no judgment, it's profoundly healing.

Creating to me is like giving birth from within the core, to the infinite possibilities, highlighting the invisibilities, connecting them with the visibilities, playing with endless ways of being, solving problems like puzzles, exploring the pieces and how they fit. 

Shapes, smells, sounds, strokes, and colors, the endless compositions, zooming in and out, everything is connectable when you try to embody balance and aspire to order chaos. Or let it consume you and purge what needs to be cleansed.

Nature is my biggest love, greatest example, and motivator because it's perfect as it is.

It's infinite peace & love, also in the destruction which of course is part of it all. Neverending cycles & waves.

Jalinka Gressmann


Long Version

Believing in myself has been an ongoing journey, a paradox between progress and process, both as an artist and as a human being, born with a rich fusion of ethnic heritage. 

I am a globalist, naturally raised with a globally fused identity beyond nationalities and borders.  

I approach collages like an alchemist, seeking to invoke a sense of time's relationship with space and how the two concepts of space and time elicit a feeling of travel and transcendence. 

Perhaps this is a culmination of my formative and childhood years, struggling to believe there was more to life, more to myself, believing in my own world, overcoming the challenges that most of us go through, to break free of limitations.

As a fearless artist waking to life, growing, exploring the wild unknown beyond even life itself, at times,

I just want my audience to feel that resonation and take that fearlessness into their own lives.


It took me years to find my inner peace with this power to create and use this creative magic inside of me to connect, place, voice, and evoke my vision of the world from the past that has shaped me, undefined by the hindrances, the future hopes, refined by the power of infinite potential, and collage them into the present moment, completely immersed in the passion for creating and moving into the stillness of the moment.


The moment you put your own life as the number one priority, everything you are will become number one. It's a responsibility, one we're not learning in this society, even though you should be independent, a lot of people choose to live, following the standards their society feeds them.  

To be free, we must assume and take all accountability for our learning and our suffering.

When you realize what's your life purpose and mission, all of the elements of distractions dissolve between the illusions of what's not important and of what is real that serves our higher ambitions and virtues in deeply symbiotic ways. It's an interesting and never-ending process.  


I am an artist; my priority is to create. It's my mission to show realms and worlds that you maybe never have seen before. My job is to open up the minds and souls of the viewer and take you on a  journey wherever you want.

I cannot force you; I can only invite the possibilities. 

Ultimately, it's your own decision where you go and what you do with the power you discover within yourself. 

I'm just sharing and offering you ways to explore inside yourself and see what will happen.


Creating to me is like giving birth to possibilities and connections, highlighting the invisibilities with the visibilities, playing with endless ways of being, like puzzles exploring the pieces and how they fit.

Trust your intuition and that you are a unique being aligned with the universe and supported by all you aspire to create because support is something we all need.

Find your own support system; it's deeply healing; now more than ever, the world needs healing. 


If you're out of balance (which mostly happens to all; because of life),

it can take some time to get back to the inner source which creation is born from.

But we all possess that magic source, it just needs to be awakened,

and hopefully, I can help spark or inspire that within others to do it for themselves. 

Jalinka Gressmann

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