Let's connect & play

Experimental Drawing Workshops

Let's get together in these creative, fun and releasing workshops, where you will be guided through different drawing exercises in a small, supportive, friendly and fun environment on different locations, inside and outdoors.

You will learn to 'see' your images in your artwork.

Connect with your "inner worlds", improve your intuition, knowledge and understanding of your deeper capacities.

Release whatever there is to release.

This is for everyone with or without the skills of being an "experienced" artist, because everyone starts his/her life as an artist, and we will go back to that pure state of being non-judgemental.

If you have ever been interested in experimenting creatively with different materials and color and how to unlock your personal imagery and full potential, these intimate & unique workshops are for you!

Also I give private workshops for friends, strangers, businesses, birthdays, company outings and other celebrations like on special events or festivals.

Contact me so we can discuss the endless possibilities!

Painting Workshops for ArtNight Events

Let's connect & paint

Let's get together and have a fun evening, different locations, with friends or meet new people and go home with your own artwork! 

I will learn you step by step to create the chosen painting. No experience needed!


For all info like locations - dates - times - motifs and more, and to book, please visit https://www.artnight.nl/artists/jalinka-gressmann/

If you book a workshop from me at ArtNight, in a bar/restaurant or private, send me a message & as a thank you I will give you a discount!