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Karasa Tengu

Karasa Tengu


TITLE - Karasu Tengu

EDITION - Limited
TECHNIQUE - Digital Collage

MATERIAL - Giclee Fine Art Print
SIZE - 2 sizes
YEAR - 2020


Step into the mystical world of 'Karasa Tengu' with this captivating limited edition fine art print. Inspired by the shapeshifting crows of Japanese mythology, known for their dualistic nature as tricksters and protectors, this digital collage encapsulates personal growth, adaptability, and transformation. Delve into the blurred line between spiritual and physical realms as these mythical beings embody the duality of existence. Their tales serve as a poignant reminder of embracing change and seeking balance, offering timeless lessons on the power of choice and the boundless growth potential.


At the heart of this artwork lies the portrayal of a black woman, mirroring the resilience and transformative power of the Karasa Tengu. She embodies strength, grace, and the profound ability to navigate the complexities of existence. Her presence bridges cultures and celebrates the universal journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Allow 'Karasa Tengu' to adorn your space, infusing it with the mystique and wisdom of ancient folklore.


Digital Collage, Giclee print on high-quality Hahnemule paper.

Numbered, signed, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


All prints are sold unframed.


If you are interested in framing options, we offer a range of choices for an additional fee. Feel free to inquire about the available options and pricing.

 If for any reason you're unhappy with your order, a return can be made within 14 days of receipt, in exchange for a full refund. Otherwise, all sales are final.

Kindly be advised that we do not offer refunds for orders that have been placed incorrectly. Although we take measures to guarantee the quality of our products prior to dispatch, there is a possibility that the product may sustain damages during the delivery process.

If your item is received in a damaged condition, kindly send us a photograph within 24 hours of the damage, to arrange a solution at

For further details, please refer to our REFUND POLICY.

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