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Please read this disclaimer carefully before making any purchases from our website. "The artist" referred to in this disclaimer is Jalinka Gressmann unless otherwise stated in the case of a collaboration.


Each original artwork listed on our website is unique and created by the artist.
Please note that colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitors and devices. We strive to accurately represent the colors in our product images, but variations may occur.
The artist retains the rights to reproduce and sell prints or merchandise featuring the original artwork unless otherwise stated.
All intellectual property rights for the original artwork remain with the artist.


Fine art prints are available in various types, including Open Editions, Limited Editions, and Special Editions. Open Editions: These prints are not limited in quantity and do not come with a certificate of authenticity. They are signed on the back when there isn't a white border and sometimes signed on the front. If you want a different size, it's possible with an open edition.

Limited Editions: These prints are limited in quantity to maintain their uniqueness and value. Each limited edition print ALWAYS comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity, (If not, it could be fake), and the artist signs and numbers again on the front of the print. 
Special Editions or Collaborations: Occasionally, we may offer special editions or collaborations featuring unique artworks or designs in partnership with other artists or brands. Details about these special editions will be provided on the product page.


Copyright laws safeguard all the artwork, images, and content published on this website.
Any reproduction, distribution, or unauthorized use of the artwork or content is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from the artist.

The collage art incorporates images sourced from public domain online libraries, which are copyright-free.


Prices and availability of artworks and prints are subject to change without notice.
We strive to provide accurate pricing and availability information, but errors or discrepancies may occur.

In such cases, we reserve the right to cancel or modify orders accordingly.

By purchasing from our website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Contact us if you have any questions or require further clarification at

Last updated: February 25, 2024

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