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Commissioning Personal Artwork

Commissioning work is a lovely way to collaborate closely with the artist to create a

personalized and unique object. When working together, I strive to understand more

about you or the person(s) you're commissioning the work for (if it's a gift) to create

pieces that contain personal connections and narratives.

Your Input Matters

Feel free to share inspiration from photographs or personal items, or let me know

about specific colors or objects you'd like to see incorporated into the piece.

Each commission is a conversation, blending my style and design direction with your


About My Studio

I operate a small art business managed only by me. 

Therefore, I recommend submitting your requests early. It allows time to discuss

expected time frames for creating your commission.

Pricing and Time Frame

The pricing of commissioned work depends on factors such as the level of detail,

size, and materials involved. Each artwork has its process that can take time.

The duration of a project depends on its size and workload. Typically, it takes from

four weeks to several months.

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or to discuss your ideas further.

Let's create something special together!


Expanding Possibilities: Beyond Collage Portraits

As an artist, I specialize in creating beautiful and captivating collage portraits.

However, I have experience in other mediums and areas, such as abstract paintings,

mixed media collages or paintings, sculptural work, and digital or AI art. I have

expertise in interior design and can provide valuable suggestions for decorating your


Open to Collaboration and Art Licensing

Let's team up and explore collaborative opportunities! By working together, we can

create something innovative. With professionals from fashion, jewelry, interior design,

and other creative fields, let's see where our combined talents can take us!

I can provide my services to various establishments and organizations, such as hotels,

resorts, restaurants, offices, and real estate properties, where aesthetics are crucial or

need an upgrade. 

Additionally, I am open to collaborating with professionals in the creative industry,

such as art galleries, dealers, advisors, and consultants.

Further, I am interested in exploring art licensing opportunities. 

Let's bring our ideas to life! Feel free to contact me to discuss your projects and ideas.


Thanks for submitting!

الفن السحري والمزيد
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