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Natural and Common Objects

Natural and Common Objects


TITLE - Natural and Common Objects

EDITION - Limited
TECHNIQUE - Digital Collage

MATERIAL - Giclee Fine Art Print
SIZE - 2 sizes
YEAR - 2020


This visually captivating piece is a dynamic digital collage of a woman posing on a triangular shape and the letter O. The use of complementary colors, such as the red and blue triangles and the big yellow letter, creates a striking contrast that draws the eye. The typography elements add a modern, abstract feature to the artwork, and the playfulness of the shading makes it a unique and sophisticated piece.

Digital Collage, Giclee print on high-quality Hahnemule paper.

Numbered, signed, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


All prints are sold unframed.


If you are interested in framing options, we offer a range of choices for an additional fee. Feel free to inquire about the available options and pricing.