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My first coffee table book Crowdfunding Project! [IN PROCESS]

UPDATE: The Dutch Art fundings all said no. They don't support coffee table books.

So now I am going to look for options to make it happen anyway, not sure if I will do it with or without the help of a publisher.

We put a lot of work into it, so we are slightly disappointed, but it's ok. I will find another way.

I just put it on hold to let it rest a bit, before I pick it up again.

If you want to work as a publisher with me, or be at any help to realise this goal, contact me at ART@JALINKA.COM

Thank you, love you, Ciao.

I started a book project called "111 Days, 111 Collages," a while ago. I've never published a book myself before, It's quite exciting!

We are waiting to hear whether we have been approved for funding, which will allow us to start a crowdfunding campaign if the approval comes through. If not, we'll look into other options. Stay tuned!

In love with these tiny books 😍 (Mine will be bigger)

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