• Jalinka Gressmann

My first coffee table book Crowdfunding Project! [IN PROCESS]

Very exciting to restart my first-art-coffee-table-book-project “111 days 111 collages”!

The publisher I suppose to work with, who would help from A till Z, withdrew unexpectedly a month ago, (which was quite a bummer) so I decided to publish it myself.

I’m happy & grateful to say that after that decision I attracted the right people to create together with my first book!

And I connected with a wonderful artist/photographer @sjoukjevangool (who will design the book) & today we visited René from @pantheondrukkers (who will do the printing) where we could feel smell and see all the paper and printing possibilities.

And now since I’m also completely involved within the process (which is way more fun) I’m looking forward again to this whole project!

Crowdfunding is on the way, LUCKILY I have help from the wonderful Jerry @kuyp who will do all the writing funding etc stuff & the numbers.

first things first...

In love with these tiny books 😍 (No, they're not mine)

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