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ARCHIVED ~ random selection of exhibitions / artist in residences / flyers / stuff

Artist In Residence Portugal

In 2015 I was at an artist residency, in the beautiful Eco Quinta "Moinhos do Dão", nearby the village of Viseu, Portugal.

It was situated in the middle of nowhere in a valley at the river, with another lovely artist, Beckey Kaye (Portland, USA).

We worked independently in our own studios, developing images and objects -as well as a relationship- to the environment of the Moinhos do Dão.

We explored new techniques in materials use and reflected both on the nature at the MdD (and/or the self as it exists in nature or a natural environment).

We participated at the art festival in the village of Viseu, where some prints of our work were shown in a lovely window gallery Saguão, and Gallery Carmo 81.

Also we were invited if we could do a presentation of our work, for the kids of the art high school to meet us, and to hear about our motivation to be an artist.

Open atelier/studio day was also part of the experience.

Where people could visit my space.

Thanks to Freya van Dien (from MdD) and Rui (from the Art high school) for organizing this all!

It was a wonderful experience, a beautiful environment, seen nice places & met interesting lovely people!



PAST random exhibitions - studio ateliers - moments - flyers

Before "the cloud" came into my life, losing documentation happened a couple of times (due to stolen laptops & damaged backups).

I do have more pictures of happenings or art shows than this though, and even find sometimes things online which I forgot about (which is sometimes a good thing ahaha)

Other people documented better than I did back in the days, but since smartphones plus social media is in my life it def became more manageable to keep up myself.

So I will maybe update here with more photos when I find something relevant in my ridiculously big archives... or maybe not.

If you need to see some timeline of art shows precisely, go check out my artist resume on the "about" page.

I'm now more focused on the now & the future, so it's not really my priority to dwell in the past.


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