HaVe yOur oWn uniQue handmAdE oRiginal DigiTal or haNd-cUt coLlage PoRtrait

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Nice that you are interested in your own collage self portrait!

You can see the examples of what I do with my self portraits here and on my Facebook or Instagram


We can discuss exactly what you want, so it will be clear also about pricing. 


You have the options of a digital or hand cut collage, made on paper or canvas of your choice, frame with passe-partout , printed on paper of your choice or canvas and in different sizes. 

Post-production part like printing or framing, I can do for you or you can do it yourself.


Also you can choose not only a self portrait, but also a family portrait or a portrait from or with your loved one(s) (people, pets, you name it). 


The idea is that I will create a collage without interference of you, so it will be a total surprise! If you find that scary, I also offer the option to come together, and I give you a 1 hour mini workshop where we together work on the brainstorming / choosing images part. (free of extra charge).


I do have a small questionnaire for you, so you can decide also how the atmosphere and appearance will be. 


1. Choose 1 till 4 (main) colours, what colour makes you happy? (favourite colour?)

2. Choose your own (high resolution) picture or let me make a professional photograph (as an extra option)

3. Choose 1 till max 4 “objects” which mean something to you (this can be anything!)(if you have difficulty choosing I can help you giving examples) 

4. If you already know a theme/vibe/vision let me know


Even if you give me your wishes, it will always be different than what you have in mind, since I’m the artist creating it from my mind.

When I feel the collage is finished, it is. 

But if you insist on changes than of course that’s possible, there are 2 free correction rounds, but more will cost extra.  

If you trust and love what I’m doing, I would be honored to create something personally for you! 


Thank you and I’m looking forward to create something special!



Jalinka Gressmann