Jalinka Gressmann

Visual Artist based on planet Earth, with a background in commercial creative studies (Cibap, Zwolle 1996), 3D-design and Sculpture (HKU, Utrecht 1998).

Graduated in Fine Art - Intermedia in 2004 at the University of the Arts Utrecht.

Combining her knowledge and diverse life and work experience, whilst wrestling with structure & time; her Art results in a mix of patterns, compositions and combinations of diverse materials & subjects.


Jalinka enjoys getting lost in details and finding the beauty & magic in everything, extending and removing borders or connecting them, playing with synchronicities and parallels and is always questioning everything & nothing at the same time.

Her art is a spontaneous manifestation of her visions, always developing in an experimental and playful way.

The results are to be seen in her surreal (self)portraits, collages, assemblages, photography, drawings, sculptures, experimental drawing workshops & painting events for ArtNight she gives.

Plus many more exciting surprises and projects to come in 2019

to be announced!